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‘Divergent’ Mexico City Photocall

Posted by Alexa on March 25, 2014 • Filed under Appearances, Gallery Updates

I have uploaded some new images of Shailene and her Divergent co-star Theo James attending a photocall for the film held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico City.


Shailene Woodley embraces being Divergent

Posted by Alexa on March 23, 2014 • Filed under Articles and Interviews, Gallery Updates, Photoshoots

LOS ANGELES TIMES – As the heroine of this weekend’s box office juggernaut, “Divergent,” actress Shailene Woodley threw knives, shot guns and fought in a ring. But of all the daring scenes she filmed, scaling the 150-foot Ferris wheel at Chicago’s Navy Pier in freezing temperatures was Woodley’s favorite.

“It was such a special night. It was the third full moon of the year, and it was a supermoon, and supermoons are very powerful,” she reminisced, in what the world is quickly learning to be trademark Shailene speak. “So to watch it go across the sky as we were climbing up and down this ladder for 12 hours, it was magical. It was so romantic.”

It may have been an almost-spiritual experience for Woodley, but the scene also marked a key moment for her character, Beatrice “Tris” Prior, a young woman who is forced to prove her courage in order to blend in and keep a dangerous secret in a world that’s anything but romantic.

“Divergent,” opening Friday, is based on the first novel in Veronica Roth’s bestselling young adult trilogy, which has sold 17 million copies with a story that posits a dystopian future in which people are strictly sorted into factions based on personality. A test reveals our heroine, Tris, is divergent, meaning she doesn’t fit neatly into any single category — a quality considered dangerous. Tris tries to hide her divergence and joins Dauntless, the faction that values bravery, where her courage and strength are put to the test.



Marie Claire and The Cinema Society Host ‘Divergent’ Screening

Posted by Alexa on March 22, 2014 • Filed under Appearances, Gallery Updates

I’ve added photos of Shailene looking super chic at a special screening of Divergent held on Thursday night in New York City. I really love this look for her–definitely quite a change from her other red carpet looks this year.


Late Night with Seth Meyers

Posted by Alexa on March 22, 2014 • Filed under Appearances, Gallery Updates, Videos

Photos from Shailene’s visit to Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday have been added to the gallery. If you haven’t had a chance to watch her interview, you can check it out below.


‘Divergent’ Los Angeles Premiere

Posted by Alexa on March 22, 2014 • Filed under Appearances, Gallery Updates

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the late delay adding these photos. My internet has been down for the past few days (awful timing, right?) and I have frantically been trying to catch up on Shailene’s promotional duties for Divergent. The main stop on the press tour was of course, the film’s premiere. I’ve added over 500 high-quality photos of Shai looking stunning (dressed in Elie Saab Couture) at Tuesday night’s premiere in Los Angeles. Enjoy!


Into The Gloss Feature

Posted by Alexa on March 17, 2014 • Filed under Gallery Updates, Photoshoots

Into The Gloss have just published a wonderful new interview and photoshoot with Shailene, photographed during her press duties in New York last week. Not only are the photos gorgeous, but the interview is also very entertaining (with some great quotes!). You can read it in full here.


Shailene Covers Marie Claire

Posted by Alexa on March 15, 2014 • Filed under Gallery Updates, Magazine Scans

That’s right, another new cover! This time Shailene is gracing Marie Claire with her presence as the cover star of the magazine’s April issue. Courtesy of FSR, I have added some scans from the editorial to the gallery. I’ll post further coverage as it arrives. Enjoy!

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Shailene Covers Teen Vogue

Posted by Alexa on March 11, 2014 • Filed under Gallery Updates, Magazine Alerts

Shailene is gracing the cover of another high profile magazine, this time the April edition of Teen Vogue. The photoshoot was taken at Caroline Gardens Chapel in London during her trip in November last year. An excerpt from the cover story can be found below, be sure to take a read. The cover will hit newsstands on March 25.

We often forget about the importance of being earnest. For a young actress in Hollywood, it’s certainly a rare quality. There’s outspoken and brassy, à la Jennifer Lawrence—and we love her for it—but preaching your principles and holding on to them are entirely different. Shailene Woodley is indeed a rarity: a 22-year-old whose passion isn’t infused with sass. It’s full of hippie love, for her friends, her films, nature, George Clooney…. She’s definitely not the one who yells across a room, and it’s the content of what she says, not the volume, that makes her unique. She is Hollywood’s rebel, as we say on the cover, but not a deliberate one.



Shailene Covers The Hollywood Reporter

Posted by Alexa on March 5, 2014 • Filed under Gallery Updates, Magazine Alerts

Shailene is featured looking incredibly beautiful on the cover of the March 14 issue of The Hollywood Reporter–I’ve added a preview photo to the gallery. Be sure to check back shortly for further updates.