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Shailene in V Magazine

June 4, 2014

Shailene is featured in the latest issue of V Magazine–looking beautiful in a photo taken during this year’s Sundance Film Festival in January.

V MAGAZINE – Shailene Woodley’s starring role in this spring’s Divergent might have catapulted her from buzzworthy-critical-darling status to full-fledged movie stardom, but the 22-year-old actress is still an indie cinephile at heart. “I find Sundance to be nothing but pure magic every year,” she says. “I’ve been going for a while, whether I’m with a film or not. The weather, the people, the dance moves, the films, the cozy attire… it’s swoon-worthy.”

And she should know. In a few short years, Woodley has won the hearts of critics and audiences alike as one of Hollywood’s most magnetic young talents by giving tearful reality checks to George Clooney in the art house (The Descendants) and throwing knives and jumping off buildings on IMAX screens (Divergent). “I love indie films, because there’s no slacking off,” she says. “The budget is so tight and the shooting schedule is so precise, there’s no room for error. Everyone is there for the love of the craft. [Indie films] are able to explore beyond the boundaries of what studios will allow. They take risks and diverge from mediocrity—by being sexual, mysterious, dangerous, or crude. I love them because the freedom is unbridled.”

Perhaps no director embodies these characteristics better than Gregg Araki, whose latest film, White Bird in a Blizzard, brought Shailene back to Park City this year. “I’ve been a major fan of Gregg’s work for a while now,” Shailene says. “My first impression of him was, Wow. This man does it all himself. He moves to his own rhythm… dances to his own unique tune. He owns himself. That isn’t necessarily the norm during this age of megafilms and studio franchises. He doesn’t make very many films, so when the opportunity arose, I jumped on it. I feel like being a part of the Araki clan is a rite of passage.”

In the central role of Kat Connor, a late-’80s alterna-teen on a quest to find her vanished mother, Shailene relished the chance to amp up the sex factor. “I connected with Kat because of her confidence and her way of coping with pain by masking it through her sexuality. I loved her strength and power to own her skin and to explore herself through her relationships with men.”

Next, the ingenue will tug at audience’s heartstrings in the much-anticipated The Fault in Our Stars. “It’s a beautiful cancer movie that isn’t about cancer,” she says. It’s about internal exploration, eternal connection, and universal, unconditional love.” Following that, she’s content to keep waiting for another fabulous script. “I’m going to lie low and explore some of life’s other artistic facets.”

The Sisterhood of Brie Larson and Shailene Woodley

June 2, 2014

Shailene and her The Spectacular Now co-star Brie Larson are featured on the cover of the June 2 edition of New York Magazine. In addition to some beautiful photos, there is also a wonderful in-depth interview/article with the two. If you haven’t already, be sure to read on below.

NY MAG – Making a meal for two women who are, collectively, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and actresses on the cusp of superstardom is not easy. And yet, on a Sunday night in early May, I decided to cook dinner for Shailene Woodley, the star of the international hit Divergent, and Brie ­Larson, who won a good deal of attention last year for her award-winning role in the film Short Term 12. I wanted to see them together, because Woodley and Larson are close friends and allies in their unique quest to raise Hollywood’s consciousness. It seemed to me that their common vision—a hippieish wish to alter the system while doing great work in a business that is tough for women—would blossom in an organic manner over dinner. Since both Woodley and Larson are throwback California girls who disdain the fake and impersonal, I reasoned that a restaurant would be too cold for them. So I invited them to my house.

They were both in New York: Larson was in town at the invitation of Prada to attend the Met Gala, and Woodley, who was also going to the Met extravaganza, was in the middle of a two-day press junket for her ­latest film, The Fault in Our Stars, which is out June 6 (both are adept at the Hollywood rules). When she’s not working, Woodley likes to disappear, and for a week it wasn’t clear if she was coming to dinner or not. She doesn’t have a permanent home or cell phone—preferring to couch-surf at her friends’ houses. Last December, after working on back-to-back films for a year, Woodley told her representation that she was going camping in New Zealand, but instead she stayed in Los Angeles and remained happily invisible for two months. During a break in April, she vanished again.

This free-spiritedness does not come without opinions. Both Woodley and Larson have been acting professionally since they were tiny children, and they are keenly aware of how Hollywood works and they aim to challenge conventional notions of emerging stardom, especially female stardom. They are outspoken about their goals and philosophy, part of a New Age continuum, on everything from what parts they want to play to what they want to eat. On the healthy-living front, both are particularly passionate: Larson is an avid locavore (as well as a vegan), and Woodley has seriously considered becoming an herbalist. When she’s feeling ill, she makes tea out of pine needles (apparently a great source of vitamin C); she brushes her teeth with clay and whitens them by swishing sesame oil in her mouth for 20 minutes. She staves off yeast infections by giving “my vagina a little vitamin D” sunlight.

Needless to say, as the person cooking, I found this near obsession with the ­righteous path to be almost paralyzing. Finally, I settled on dishes that I rarely make—­vegetable soup with three kinds of beans, steamed asparagus, tomatoes in vinaigrette, and a vast array of desserts purchased at a gluten- and dairy-free bakery. I nervously set the table, worried that the five taxidermied chickens in my dining room would upset my sensitive guests.

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Shailene Covers Modern Luxury

May 29, 2014

Shailene is featured on the June issue of Modern Luxury, looking beautiful in a brand new photoshoot. Scans have been added to the gallery. Stay tuned for further coverage.

‘The Spectacular Now’ Screen Captures

May 24, 2014

I’ve updated the gallery with Blu-ray quality screen captures of Shailene’s role in The Spectacular Now have been added to the gallery. As much as I love the movie, the performances from Shailene and Miles, their chemistry together… it still feels like it is missing a special quality that made the novel so enjoyable. The special features including some great deleted scenes (a few of which really should’ve made the final cut) have also been captured. Enjoy!

AnOther Magazine – Spring Summer 2014

May 24, 2014

I’ve added a new scan of Shailene featured in the latest edition of AnOther to the gallery. The article features a previously-unseen outtake from Shailene’s photoshoot for Paper in 2011.

Entertainment Weekly Scans

May 23, 2014

With huge thanks to my lovely friend Claudia, I have added scans from the May 9 issue of Entertainment Weekly to the gallery. Enjoy!