Shailene for Vanity Fair Italia

August 18, 2019

I’ve updated the gallery with a new photoshoot of Shailene, this time for Vanity Fair Italia–and it features some really striking looks. The behind the scenes video from the shoot can also be viewed below, with some really gothic and atmospheric vibes that make me hope to see Shailene in something of this style on film one day.

Relaunch of Simply Shailene

August 11, 2019

After a long period of absence, I am so glad to be able welcome fans back to the site! For some of the visitors who frequented this site prior to my departure in the fall of 2015, I’m Alexa, the original founder of the site back in 2012. I recently took it back earlier this year and have been working behind the scenes in my spare time to try and bring the site back up-to-date and also expand upon existing content. Shailene’s career has taken many different turns in the time since I was last overseeing the site, and so it only felt right to bring the site into this new era, too.

Our previous gallery has been uploaded to a new subdomain, and it expands quite extensively on what was previously offered. This includes improved quality and dimensions of thousands of photos, as well as the addition of many others. To put things simply, my aim has been to refresh the site – and it’s still a work in progress, but I hope you’ll still be able to enjoy all that it currently offers. I’d also like to thank both Annie and Renee for their work on the site during the time they spent overseeing it – and for keeping it online for all of these years!

Please do let me know if you spot any issues with the site, any missing links, or even any suggestions you might have for me. I’m really looking forward to covering the exciting developments of Shailene’s career with you all again!

‘Snowden’ Gallery Updates

August 11, 2019

I’ve updated the gallery with photos and screen captures from Shailene’s role in Snowden, where she played Lindsay Mills–the girlfriend of whistle-blower Edward Snowden (portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Enjoy!

Harpers Bazaar: Icons of 2019

August 11, 2019

What a huge honor this is for Shai. She’s featured alongside the likes of Alicia Keys, Celine Dion, Awkwafina, Kate Moss and Regina King in the latest issue of Harpers Bazaar, which includes a series of stunning photographs of women who have “shifted perceptions by resisting the established, avoiding the accepted and breaking every rule they can.” Check out the two beautiful portraits taken for the feature in our gallery.

“To me there is nothing more iconic than being singular – no one before you or after… and no copycats because they would not know where to start. But beyond being unique and talented, the 10 cultural forces in this year’s Icons portfolio have expanded, redefined, or completely dispensed with accepted notions, expected behaviours, previous templates, and any rules about their crafts. Their attitude and confidence is an inspiration,” said Harper’s Bazaar’s global fashion director Carine Roitfeld.

C Magazine: Shailene Woodley Does It Her Way

August 7, 2019

Yet another beautiful photoshoot, and yet another cover for Shailene. She’s featured on the cover of luxury lifestyle magazine, C California Style – an in addition to the new photos, there’s also an accompanying interview – which is a really great read if you haven’t had a chance to already.

C MAGAZINE – Shailene Woodley is something of an anomaly in Hollywood: She eschews most of the trappings of fame, calls acting “a hobby” and at the moment does not even have a home to call her own. Currently she is staying with a friend in Silver Lake.

“I’m still on the road. … I don’t have a permanent place anywhere. I do have piles everywhere. My friends call them Shai piles. I have very generous friends who house me all over the world. So much of my life is in hotels that if I’m in a city where I have friends, I ask if I can stay with them … or I find a condo or somewhere where there’s a kitchen,” she says, adding: “I just have to be able to cook. My constitution is not built for fancy food three times a day. … Sometimes your body just wants a cutting board and a knife — just to chop up a good salad.”

Simply dressed in a white cotton shirt and black jeans, she carries a heavy bag with books and a laptop to the Chateau Marmont where we meet.

She has 3.8 million Instagram followers and uses her platform to advance causes important to her. Nonetheless, she is conflicted about social media. “I wrestle with [it]. Is it something that’s beneficial? I don’t know. I still have it. And we’ll see if I have it tomorrow …”

Woodley is a strong environmental activist and also campaigned doggedly for Bernie Sanders during the last election. In 2016 she was arrested during a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline, which was being built across sites sacred to Native Americans. (While the Obama administration denied approval for the construction in response to the protests, President Donald Trump greenlit the pipeline just days into his term.) Jailed for a few hours, she pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was sentenced to a year of probation. “I’m chronically and constantly fired up about injustice, whether it’s environmental or social,” she explains.

These days, of course, the star of HBO’s blockbuster series Big Little Lies is recognized everywhere she goes. “The one thing I don’t like is when someone just stops me, doesn’t even say hello, and whips out their phone to take a photo. I’m not cool with that.”

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Big Little Roundtable (All Parts)

August 7, 2019

I could seriously watch these women discuss anything and everything, such a great dynamic! I’ll work on adding screen captures from the videos very soon.

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