Vanities: Shailene Woodley

AGE: 20.

PROVENANCE: Simi Valley, California.

CHALLENGING BRISTOL: In 2008, Woodley became America’s second-most-famous pregnant teenager when she assumed the role of Amy Juergens in ABC Family’s precautionary drama The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

STILL DOING THE TEEN THING: This month she stars as George Clooney’s troubled teenage daughter in *Sideways-*writer-director Alexander Payne’s new film, The Descendants. “When George first came in, it hit me: ‘Whoa, this is the two-time Sexiest Man Alive,’” she said. “But he was so funny. He’s not George-Clooney-the-famous-actor in my mind anymore. He’s the guy from Kentucky with a heart of gold.”

SO WHAT’S NEXT? “I definitely want to go to college,” she says. “But right now I feel like I’m taking my life lessons backpacking and gardening and learning how to make tables.”

WAIT—MAKE TABLES? “I’m really interested in woodworking. I want to maybe start a furniture business one day.”