ELLE Women in Hollywood Issue

Shailene is featured on the November issue of ELLE for their Women in Hollywood covers, which hit stands on October 22. I have added a couple of images from her feature to the gallery. Be sure to check back for further coverage over the coming days.

On staying true to herself in Hollywood: “There’s nothing like walking into a meeting and people expecting me to shake hands, and you hug them. For me, a hug is to disregard all of that bullshit and be like, This is me, Shai. This is who I am. Now let’s talk about real situations. Let’s not talk about all this surface-level stuff.”

On the next five years: “I’m so young, and I’m single, and I just want to drift. I’m just going to be a drifter. I want to do something totally different before Insurgent [the second film in the Divergent trilogy]. Maybe I’ll work in a tea shop. Or live in Amsterdam. Or be a nanny. Life experience only helps us as actors. I need new experiences to draw upon.”

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  1. I sure thought Shailee looked great in the pictures I saw of her in the magazine. She’s such a pretty girl, especially with long hair, and I can see why any hot young dude would want her.

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