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Recent Photoshoot Additions

I’ve updated the gallery with two of Shailene’s most recent shoots for Vanity Fair and Women’s Health. I’ll work on adding scans from both magazine features and also screen captures from her talk show appearances that we are missing in the gallery. For now, enjoy these beautiful photos!

4 Comments on “Recent Photoshoot Additions”

  1. Read your interview comments on Miley Cyrus. This is very bad publicity for you and not a way to gain respect with the general public. A young, but mature actress, i.e. Jennifer Lawrence expresses good values in her public comments. Bullying is wrong of course, but Miley is “not” minding her business. She is in a public figure exploiting herself for “money and fame”, and helping to corrupt the youth of the country. Your comments paint you as “immature”, and a shallow thinker. This interview could ruin your career and makes you appear as a flash in the pan. Think about it. Elizabeth Kelly

  2. I don’t think Shailene’s comments about Miley is upsetting at all. Though it is true that Miley may be a “bad influence” to the youth of today, still, teenagers have the choice to take after her or not. It is their choice. And that is exactly Shailene’s point. And to say that her comments about Miley is going to ruin her career is plain stupid. And please stop comparing her to Jennifer Lawrence. She is mot trying to be like JLaw. Shai doesn’t need to please everynody. She is her own self and I applaud her for that. Likewise, she is an exceptional actress and does not need the negativity she is getting fromm those who do not understand.

    So, to Shailene, keep up the good work. Continue on being yourself. Do not mind the haters. They’ll eventually get tired on picking on you. Hah!

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