‘Insurgent’ Tops Foreign Box Office

March 23, 2015

VARIETY – “Insurgent” edged past “Cinderella” at the foreign box office to capture first place on the overseas charts with $47 million.

However, the princess story still managed to put up impressive numbers, picking up $41.1 million over the weekend and pushing “Cinderella” to $253.1 million globally. Among notable openings, “Cinderella” bowed to $2.5 million in South Korea, debuted to $1.2 million in Argentina and premiered to $900,000 in Colombia.

In China, “Cinderella” has made $52.4 million in two weeks, making it the second-largest Disney live-action release behind only “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.”

Domestically, “Insurgent” opened to $54 million, missing estimates that had it debuting to between $57 million and $60 million. The positive news for Lionsgate, the studio behind the futuristic adventure, is that its foreign numbers are topping those of its predecessor “Divergent,” outpacing the earlier film by more than 30%.

DreamWorks Animation got a jump start on its stateside rollout of “Home,” debuting the alien adventure to $19.2 million in nine markets, including the United Kingdom where it earned $9.3 million to become the studio’s biggest opening in the country. It also had strong openings in Russia with $4.2 million, Spain with $2.4 million and Australia with $2.3 million.

The company could use a hit after the failures of “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” and “Penguins of Madagascar” led to costly write downs and pledges to rein in spending. “Home” touches down in the U.S. on March 27.

In China, “Taken 3? picked up $18 million, bringing its global total to $312.9 million and capturing fourth place on the foreign charts. Fifth place was nabbed by the human trafficking drama “Lost and Love,” which earned the bulk of its $16.2 million haul in China.

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  2. Insurgent is a pretty good film regardless of its rather poor reviews and Shailene Woodley is fantastic. She gets to show her range much more in this film than she did in Divergent.

    Given the way Insurgent has started at the box office it’s more than likely it will top Divergent’s total worldwide gross. Hopefully Shailene Woodley got a significant bump in salary for Insurgent and will get even more for Allegiant.

  3. Mis Woodley, very very thanks for your experience in “The Fault in Our Stars”. It was Amazing to See you an Mister Elgard. My Girlfriend is in this Time on The bubble for healing, cancer is over, Ort not and this Movie and it was like a reaviewmirror for the Last 4 years. Thank you an Big big Respect for this. ????????????

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