Do you make a profit?
No. I do not make any revenue at all from running the site. I’m doing this simply because I am a fan of Shailene and wish to give her fans a great place to keep themselves updated on her career.

Is it free to run?
Yes and no. I have a wonderful host who supplies hostees with free, professional fansite hosting. However, I often pay for features for the site and various rare photographs. This isn’t essential but I do feel it is nice to be able to share these with visitors.

Can I take your photos?
You are free to save any photos in the gallery. I don’t claim ownership of anything found in the image gallery but saving photos, making scans and screen captures can be a time consuming process, so a link or credit back to the site (when reposting to Tumblr, image forums, livejournal etc) is always greatly appreciated. I want to keep the site tag and watermark-free so linking and crediting back to the site will allow this to continue.

Why don’t you post candids?
Although everybody feels differently about them, I have never felt comfortable with posting paparazzi photos of Shailene. If she’s attending an event, a screening or premiere, then you’ll be sure to find the photos here. However, I will not be posting candids of her whilst out with friends, doing her grocery shopping or any other invasive pictures taken by the paparazzi.

How long did it take to build the site?
The process took a couple of months. Saving photos and making screen captures of Shailene was the most time consuming process of building the site and it also had to be balanced around my studies and work.

Does Shailene visit the site herself?
I’m not sure but it would be great if she did!

Have you ever met Shailene?
I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her just yet. It’s definitely on my bucket list, though.

Can I send you fanmail for Shailene?
As I am not affiliated with Shailene, her management or representatives, please refrain from doing so. If you would like to submit fanmail directly to her, you can find out how to do so here.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please head over to the contact page to find out how to get in touch.